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This company was established in 1994 and began its activities by producing tomatoes paste, fruit nectars, and jams. In late 1997, the company was authorized to expand its field processed date nectar to the range of its products.

It should be noted that since early 2002, the company has concentrated the efforts of its qualified and experienced personnel on implementing and adapting the latest scientific standards and has constantly monitored and supervised all factors influencing the quality of its products in order to create the sustainable production methods and procedures necessary for achieving a level of quality and assurance high enough to have an impact on the economy of Iran.

It’s the splendid glories of company during the same year that by the high quality of products and offer of new product for the first time in Iran evokes special attention and public welcome of craft and industrial consumers. They planned and policy the development of attendance in International markets.

From late 2002 and early current year, company by continuous attempt and considered reformation has succeeded in changing part of system and increasing of productivity capacity. It can step effectively toward the increase of exports and offer of it to international markets. The active attendance in internal and international fairs has also helped to enter multiple countries markets. The result of this attempt is 80% exports of production especially tomato paste. Of course it should be pointed that in 8th Oct, 2002 Company has succeeded in receiving commercial card and in 20th Oct, 2002 first goods were exported to the exports area.

The most important operative and large policies of this company are increase of quality up to the desired level of national and international standards and the increase of assurance index of nutrition.

In this way, the team of personnel and experts continuously do their activities for improvement of production quality in harmony and planned system and the base of activity is based on below titles:

  • Knowledge of opportunity for increase of money with use of available opportunity & allocation of resources.
  • Perception of changes and technological industry development and knowledge of innovative techniques of competitors.
  • Studying the quality of current products in order to advance quality.
  • Studying the production of new products coincides on internal and overseas markets’ needs.
  • Continuous and serious attendance in international markets.

During last year, this productive unit that has done wide operations in optimizing quality and variety of products passes the stages of receiving research and development certificate, which determines the importance of research affair.

In addition to response specific needs of clients from present and future aspect, it has considered purposes toward helping farmers to prevent wastage and the optimization of product to exploit internal and exports industrial production, and reach a safe food, and also value-added advancement and prevention the exit of currency and  …   products, and achievement new technology that has proved its steadiness of purposes by producing processed date nectar.

Now further than Federal Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, United Arab Emirates markets, company is looking for wider markets to find more resources. It’s expected to achieve more successes in the provided facilities of Islamic Republic of Iran.

Certainly future belongs to someone who overcomes the numberless and strong competitors by wisdom and policy.

If we want to continue, we have to equip and educate all effective factors in production and trade fields.

The important purposes which government must consider for steady improvement of non-oil exports are revision of rules, circulars, readjustment with the help of producer, exporter and another involved personnel and exports offices as they haven’t only disagreement but facilitation is also their goal in exports field. Knowledge of methods to reach single and vulnerable exports strategy in Iran while the rules are performed simply and establishing the informational centers linked to internet and introducing the exporters, producers, and potentials of each region and even another countries for them, strategic techniques in marketing in the area of agencies and large level. Studying the strength and weakness of production for exports.