Mustafa Ruttab Date

 The Mazafati dates are one of the products of Iranian dates. Due to its high humidity, this type of date is not considered to be dry matter and its storage conditions are in the range of -5 to 5 ° C. The dates of the Mazafati date sheet are black, shiny, thin and smooth. The Mazafati rosette is easily detachable. The point to be taken into account when using dates is that they should be washed well before use. Because it is sticky to the skin due to the presence of syrup, it absorbs any kind of contamination. The dates take four steps to complete. The third stage is called Rotab, in which case the moisture content of the product is lower and its sugar content is lower.

Zahedi’s dates

 Zahedi dates from dry dates. In some areas, it is semi-arid. It has been named as a shop in some parts of the country. Zahedi’s dates are elliptical and the ends are quite thin and sharp. It is a very good cultivator and has good storage facilities and is very easy to transport and export. Due to the high sugar content of industrial cultivars, Zahedi is used to produce alcohol, vinegar. The ratio of Zahedi’s date meat to the core is 6.35. Zahedi date palm, oval, brown color, kernel adhesion to medium fruit. The adhesion of the warhead to the fruit is moderate and Zahedi dates are classified as dry dates.

Rabbi dates

Rabbi dates, one of the best dates in the country, is a semi-fermented date and has a chocolate-like texture that can be kept at room temperature. The date is dark, near black and shiny. Rabbit dates vary in size. The intimidating type is about 4 to 5 centimeters long and can easily be lifted. A further variety of dates is called Rabbi, which is smaller and much more dense and squeamish. This date has a medium sweetness and its taste is as if it has been fried. The dates are the most productive dates of the world’s produce.