Sunflower Oil

Sunflower oil is lightweight, has a relatively high oxidative stability, and has a golden-yellow golden glow on the domestic and industrial uses. In countries where sunflower oil is used. This product is mainly used as salad and sour cream oil. Fatty acids are needed by the body. (Linoleic acid) Compared to other oils, it has less palmic acid. (It is believed that palmitic acid increases the level of LDL-C in the blood).

Canola liquid oil

Canola oil has characteristics such as low saturated fatty acids, relatively high monounsaturated fatty acids, and intermediate amounts of unsaturated fatty acids with a good balance between omega-6 fatty acids and omega-3s. Canola oil contains 8% saturated fatty acid, which is half the amount of saturated fatty acids in oil, olive and soybeans, and a quarter of the amount of saturated fatty acids in cottonseed. The liquid oil is a mixture of soybean oil, sunflower, canola and palm olein. In fact, this oil is also a kind of salty salad oil and a great source of essential fatty acids, some unsaturated. This product has all the benefits of herbal cuisine.

*Reducing Cholesterol

*Increased blood cholesterol

*Reduce triglyceride levels

*Rich in omega-3 and omega-6

*Contains A.E vitamins

*No Taste

*Suitable for a variety of salads and cooking

*It contains fatty acids such as olive oil

*Reducing the accumulation of plaques

*High stability compared to other oils

*High nutritional value

*Blood clotting inhibitory effect

*Avoid heart attack

*High oxidant stability

Frying oil

 Frying oil is one of the oldest food preparation methods. Fried food comes from the popular foods of the world. In the frying process, fats and curing agents are used as heat transfer agents. The initial moisture content of the food is evaporated and water is removed from the surface and it also reduces the adhesion of the oil to the food. Frying by absorbing fat and forming a hard shell increases the taste and smell of a delicious food. Frying oil on many qualitative characteristics. The final product, including the taste of the texture of the shelf-life and nutritional properties, is effective. During the frying, the delay in the heat and the high temperature interferes with the moisture and oxygen tension in the reaction, including the hydrolysis of oil oxidation and the polymerization of fats, all of which will disrupt the oil, so the exchange of materials between food and fat happens. It occurs by absorbing fat on a non-hydrogenated surface and a special hydrogenated vegetable oil. Factors that influence the selection of frying oil include the shelf-life of the butter, the shape of the appearance, and the particulars of the transportation workshop are easy and affordable.

Contains A.E vitamins

No Taste

High nutritional value

High heat resistance


No smoke

Without foam

Without spraying

Blend liquid oil

end liquid oil is a combination of soybean oil, sunflower, canola or rapeseed. In fact, this oil is also a kind of salad and luscious oil, as well as a great source of essential fatty acids, some unsaturated. Soybean oil has two essential linoleic and linolenic fatty acids that are not produced in humans. It has high oil and high vitamin content. Although the process removes more than 30% of the vitamin, processed soybean oil is still a good source of this important vitamin. Comes in The sunflower oil has a small amount of saturated fat that helps lower blood cholesterol levels. This oil is a unique source of omega-6 that plays an important role in reducing triglyceride levels and reduces the coronary heart disease.

Avoid heart attack

Suitable for cooking salads and frying at gentle temperatures

High oxidative stability

No cholesterol

Contains A.E vitamins

High nutritional value

No Taste

Corn oil

Corn oil has a lot of oxidation stability and can be used for all cooking, short frying and salad, this oil has a sophisticated smell, both superior in terms of nutrition and baking quality. The oil obtained from the maize bud is rich in linoleic acid, an essential fatty acid. The reason why corn oil is stable against oxidation is the presence of its natural antioxidants, such as ferulic acid and tocopherols. Corn oil plays an important role in providing essential fatty acids and vitamins K and E, and has beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system as well as the immune system. This oil contains high levels of unsaturated fatty acids and a small amount of saturated fatty acids, which is also very useful for health.

Soybean oil 

 Soybean oil has unsaturated fatty acids and natural antioxidant tocopherols that are good for health. Soybeans are the best sources of lecithin. Lecithin in soybeans is especially useful for boosting memory. High quality soybean oil is one of the most delicious oils. This oil is suitable for use in salads and cooking. Soybean oil has high levels of omega-3 and omega-6 as well as essential fatty acids. This oil is relatively large in the range of liquid in liquid form and has high unsaturated compositions. Soybean oil prevents colon cancer as well as the development of skin cancer. It boosts good cholesterol (HDL) and bad cholesterol (LDL). It can also play a role in the prevention of hormone-dependent cancers.

:Edible oil for household use

 Edible oil is consumed by the household from the combination of vegetable oils, in addition to having a flavor, aroma and appearance, has a slight trans fatty acid. Oral food is cholesterol-free and has a much lower saturation, and it plays an important role in increasing the health of the community. Unmatched flavorSuitable for cooking authentic Persian dishesWith trans fatty acids downThe highest quality level

Edible Oil For Household Use


Net Weight
12 Tin/Carton0.675 Kg

Canned Soybean Oil

PackageNet weight   
can/Tin16 Kg

Soybean Oil

Package    Net weight   
6 pet /carton2.5 Kg

Canola oil (kolza)

Package    Net weight   
6 pet /carton

5 Liter

Soybean Oil

Package    Net weight   
12 pet /carton675 g
 12 pet /carton650 g