Tomato paste:

 Tomato paste is a transformation product used as a tomato extract that contains a large amount of tomato properties, which is used as a seasoning in most foods due to the color and taste and smell of a variety of meat and frying foods. In the industry, tomato paste is used to make tomato ketchup and foods stuffing. In the past, anyone who used their traditional home-made paste cooked away. But today, technology has come to the aid of humans to put tomato paste in the most sanitary conditions, the best packaging and ultimately the quality is easily available to everyone.

Tomato puree:

 Tomato puree is a kind of watery food used in cooking. To make nymph, tomatoes are completely crude or flattened after heating, after turning into juice and then converting to concentrated concentrate. The more salt is used when concentrating, the better it is. Absorbing air inside the nymph while concentrating. Due to the fact that it does not disappear in tomato puree and flavor, tomato sauce, safflower sauce, corn and all kinds of other foods are used with tomato flavors. It is also used as a raw material in ketchup.

Tara , Paniz , Datey Tomato paste

BrixPHNet WeightSizePackage
26-28%45% Max0.750 Kg99 mm12 Tin/ Carton
26-28%45% Max0.375 Kg73 mm24 Tin/ Carton

Tara Tomato puree

BrixPHNet WeightSizePackage
16 Min4.3 Max0.750 kg73 mm24 Tin/Carton
16 Min4.3 Max0.375 kg99 mm24 Tin/Carton